Loved to Worship


 “ When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an impure spirit came from the tombs to meet him….When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. ” (Mark 5:2, 6 NIV)

We don’t know his name or his age. His height and weight are omitted from the biblical narrative. We are not told how he got in this predicament. All we know is that this young man was possessed by a legion of demons. The townspeople tried to shut him up, lock him down and put him out. They would catch him and chain him up hoping that the iron shackles would keep him quiet. With supernatural strength, he would pry them off and continue to wreak havoc on the city. 

The night before there was a premonition that this day was going to be different. A violent storm appeared unexpectedly, one that caused everyone to take cover. It came out of nowhere and it left as suddenly as it appeared. It was headed straight toward a few little boats, certainly going to capsize them. Then within seconds, the lake was pristinely still. 

We pick up the story and he is stationed in a mountainous graveyard overlooking the sea. He could see boats approach the city and, with each opportunity, he would terrorize the unsuspecting sailors and this day was no different. 

He charged with all his might when he saw Him. The other men in the boat ran back to the safety of the sea, but this One of them didn’t even flinch. Could this be it? Could it be the same One that stilled the stormy sea? Could the same One who calmed the waves with one word give him peace of mind?

No fear of the demons nor trepidation about His own safety. It was as if He was expecting the deranged man to come to Him. And when he came, the demon possessed man did the strangest thing, worshipped. Face to face with the Savior, and he fell down and worshipped. 

No plea for healing? No request for deliverance? No petition for sanity? No frustration with what took so long to get there? No pointing fingers to the individuals that introduced him to demonic activity? Worship! What a sight… A demon  possessed man prostrates at the Savior’s feet. In the face of thousands of demons, he worshipped.

You may not be demon possessed, but you may be overwhelmed. Feeling alone. Feeling left out. Disappointed by others. The chains of unmet expectations still clinging to your tattered mind. Feeling like you have to get yourself right before you run to Him. Go a few days away from your vice. Take time to sober up. Get right. Make a clean break of your issues. 

Jesus receives a possessed man. No condemnation. No “How did you get here?” No “Wait until the demons are gone.” “Come back when you are clear.” None of that. Just Accepted. Welcomed. Received. Loved. 

Jesus showed up to a place where no one wanted to pass. He fought through a storm to connect to a man bound by chaos and circumstance. Is there anything in your life that is pushing you away from God? It may be the very thing that has you reading this today. And the same way Jesus showed up for the demoniac, is the same way He is present for you today. And we can do the same thing the man did…. Worship. That is simply a stage of surrender. A moment where you say, “God you're in control. I will do whatever You need me to do. I give up trying to fight. I bring to you all my mess. Even if it means that I have to fight against all odds. I will run to You.  I. WILL. WORSHIP.” 

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker” (Psalm 95:6 NIV).

Thought Questions

  1. Have you ever sensed God’s presence so much so that you bowed before Him?
  2. In what ways do you need to surrender, as a form of worship?