Get Connected



Day 3

Tuesday, January 4


And it shall be said, “Build up, build up, prepare the way, remove every obstruction from my people's way.” Isaiah 57:14


Thinking about Joseph being their leader, his brothers plotted and planned to ensure it would never become a reality. The Bible tells us they intended to kill him, but one of his brothers named Reuben reasoned with them not to kill him but throw him in a pit with hope to rescue him after and they agreed. Jesus is always praying for us against the dream killers. When we get hold of a God-dream, we literally become a moving target for the enemy because the God-dream prospers not only us but makes way for even generations and nations to be blessed. There is no way the enemy wants the God-dreamer to make it to the end, and so to abort our dreams, he will set up obstacles and hindrances to keep us from seeing it become a reality. Joseph had the end-result from God-he would be a great leader, and his family would one day bow down to him. As the journey to fulfilling his dream begins it is not without major obstacles: (1.) He was stripped of his coat of many colors; his identity was challenged because his coat showed him favored by his father. (2.) He was thrown into a pit; left in a place of loneliness, seclusion and given the opportunity to introspect. The enemy majors in getting us alone so he can further drive us to despair so we can abandon our dreams. (3.) He was sold as a slave; his dream was challenged when he became the one to serve rather than being served as he had seen in his dream. I am sure Joseph did not see these obstacles in his journey to leadership, yet it was the reality, and the dream kept him going in the challenging times. His God-dream became the fuel in his hopelessness. His passion for life drove him to never give up on what God had shown him for his future. I am not sure what obstacles may be standing in your way today but like Joseph may you find the passion, to keep on pressing through until your dreams become a reality.


List some of the obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are today.


What has served as a source for your continued motivation and how have you maintained a connection to that source?


Lord, help me today to find the courage like Joseph did when he faced obstacles to press through to my God-dream. Amen.


Dare to Dream Again by Unknown