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For Better or For Worse


Reading the Bible can be hard sometimes when you face the truth of what you are reading. This couple’s devotional journey gives you the opportunity to review twenty-six biblical duos who stuck with each other even through the not-so-good stuff - from Noah and his wife’s forty night and day “cruise” on the ark to Mary and Joseph’s baby drama… each couple has a story that would definitely make one contemplate leaving, or at least consider it!

The couples in this devotional series were ride-or-die, sometimes literally. What can we learn from them about the gift (or in the words of Paul, curse) of marriage? Embedded in each story are principles of marriage or the converse of these principles, and when studied, we can learn to push through our present-day challenges while avoiding some of the same pitfalls.

As you come together during this time to rekindle, renew, or revive your relationship and lifelong commitment to your spouse, allow the Bible to help you. You will learn many things along the way, but most importantly, you will see that no marriage is perfect, yet God’s grace has a way of covering a multitude of sins. We pray that this study is a blessing to you and yours!

Enjoy the journey!

Thought Questions 

  • What are some things that you hope to learn or gain from this 28-day study?
  • How will you work to make sure that you take time to study and share together daily?

Life Lessons

  • The Bible is filled with lessons for every situation in life! Start a journal to write down answers to questions as you study with your spouse for the next several weeks. 

Further Study

Read 2 Timothy 3:16. What does this scripture mean to you today? Do you believe it is possible for something as “old-fashioned” as the Bible to provide guidance after so many years? Why or why not?