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Where Do We Go From Here?

28 days. 26 couples. For better or for worse. We learned a lot.

We learned to:

  • stand together in spite of mistakes and mess-ups.
  • move forward together even if we are all alone.
  • be immediately obedient to God’s call - together.
  • make God our first priority.
  • move out of God’s way when He is working.
  • reflect regularly on when we first fell in love, especially in difficult moments.
  • help one another to obey God fully.
  • remove other gods (including people) that challenge our loyalty to the true God.
  • commit our children to the One who gave them to us in the first place. 
  • create an environment that welcomes transparency.
  • remain faithful even in the face of loss and death.
  • wait patiently for God to reward our faithfulness - if not on earth, then in heaven.
  • take time to learn and understand each other’s needs.
  • pursue love in spite of challenges.
  • acknowledge that all we have comes from God.
  • build trust through faithfulness and commitment.
  • bring out the best in our spouse.
  • identify ways to give to others.
  • cherish building character and inner beauty.
  • forgive even when it hurts because God forgives us.
  • trust God even when He says no.
  • trust God even when He says wait.
  • check our motives for giving and realign them with God’s desires.
  • give what we have no matter how small and trust God to do the rest.
  • face our fears.
  • seal our decision to follow Jesus.

Wow! This is quite a list of lessons, and perhaps it seems a little daunting. Be assured that these lessons are only indicators that there is always room to grow. These stories help us know that God works in the most imperfect spaces - including our marriages and relationships. Knowing that God has room for imperfection gives us the courage to push past the desire to give up. It provides us with the courage to grow one more day. We pray that you will continue to grow both in your relationship with Jesus and your relationships with one another. Many blessings to you and yours!

Thought Questions

  • Take a moment to look through the devotionals from this series. Which one was your favorite? Why?

Life Lessons

  • Throughout the Bible, we find individuals just like us who were used by God in spite of their imperfections. God desires to use you in just the same way. Open your heart and covenant with your spouse to allow God to use you to bring others to a saving relationship with Jesus. 

Further Study

What’s your “For Better or For Worse” story? Write your story down, including thought questions, life lessons, and further study. Then, share this devotional series with friends and include your story at the end.