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Don’t Turn Back (Lot and Lot's Wife)

Remember Lot's wife! 

Luke 17:32

READ Genesis 19:1-29.

What made her turn around? Was it something she left? A valuable purse or a favorite cloak? Maybe she was double-checking to see if her children changed their minds. What mother wouldn’t? The Bible does not tell us why she turned around. It simply lets us know that she did what God had expressly asked her not to do. Did this reveal something about her heart? Was she divided in her loyalty to her husband’s God and her home?

Little is known about Lot’s wife. We do not even know her name. But what we do know is that her life ended tragically because of just one decision. It is possible that several smaller decisions led to this major one. All in all, she made a choice and quickly entered into the faithless’ hall of fame. Her story became a warning for generations to come. A rallying cry to those whose loyalties are compromised. 

Remember Lot’s wife! The legacy she left behind - a pillar of salt - blew away in a day. What holds your attention? What makes you second guess your time with God? How firmly are your feet planted in the way God would have for you to go?

For me, just this morning, it was one quick text message and my intended time with God became an event planning session for dear friends. Surely God would understand. After all, the friends are also church members. I was doing something special for God’s children. A small voice whispered not too long after I emailed the final details, “What about me?” Before we move to condemn and wag our finger at Lot’s wife and some of us even scoff at Lot for choosing such an unprincipled woman for his wife, let’s look in the mirror and do a quick self-check. Remember, you may only be one-second glance from deciding your destiny!

Thought Questions

  • What are some things that threaten to take priority over God in your life? How can you make sure God is always number one?
  • Immediate obedience to God is hard. Have you ever had a time where you did not obey God fully? What were some of the lessons that you learned?

Life Lessons

  • Obedience to God is difficult but essential. He knows more than any man ever will - trust Him first to guide you to what is good for you and your family.
  • Even when God does not make sense, seek to listen and obey His voice. Your very life may depend on it.

Further Study

Read and memorize the popular Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11. Take time to discuss with your spouse what it means to trust God completely.