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The Curse of Helping God (Isaac and Rebekah)

What if my father touches me? I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing.” His mother said to him, “My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me.”

Genesis 27:12,13

READ Genesis 27.

She remembered the fight in her belly and the midwife’s observation that Jacob’s little hand grasped his brother’s heel as they were retrieved from the womb. She remembered vividly the prophecy given to her when Jacob was born. It was God who said, “The older will serve the younger.” The special moments she shared with Jacob in the kitchen preparing food and keeping the home safe only further sealed the promise in her mind. Although the youngest, Jacob, was the promised child, and well, maybe, possibly, perhaps God needed a little help to make it happen. God took too long to make good on what He said, and Isaac was about to die. 

Rebekah knew what she was doing. But to her, it was worth it. She could not bear to see Esau receive the blessing of the firstborn. After all, she hated his wives. They were a real problem. If Isaac blessed Esau, these women and their offspring would also benefit from the inheritance. And just like that, all their hard work would go down the drain! Rebekah could not - would not let that happen. So she did what any good wife would do for a husband who did not know what he was doing. She worked with her younger son, Jacob, to trick Isaac into blessing him instead. 

As she listened quietly from the door of Isaac’s tent, her resolve to save her husband and sons from making a colossal mistake strengthened. She had to think fast because God needed her help. Calling Jacob quickly, she told him her plan. Even Jacob hesitated, but Rebekah was so determined that she volunteered to accept the consequences should the plan foil. As they moved forward, Rebekah didn’t know that she was orchestrating a plot that would prevent her from spending the rest of her life with her son or meeting his wives and children. She would die miserably with her oldest son and his wretched wives. Was helping God worth it?

What are we helping God with today? What delayed promises from heaven do we think need a human touch on earth? Be careful! Maybe God will allow the promise to go through, but at what loss? Is it worth it?  

Thought Questions

  • Answer the questions above from the end of today’s devotional. Take the time to be open and honest with your spouse.
  • If God were to never make good on His promises, at least in the way you think He should, how would that make you feel?
  • What’s a prayer that you have prayed for a long time and are still waiting for God to answer?

Life Lessons

  • God’s timing is completely different from our timing. Trusting Him means being okay with waiting for His perfect will to unfold.
  • Helping God may bring instant relief but lasting hurt in the long run. The best help we can give God is to move out of the way and let Him do his thing!

Further Study

Read the story of Uzzah in 2 Samuel 6:1-7. Uzzah’s story is the ultimate example (and consequence) of helping God. Do you think God was too harsh? Why or why not?