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We Will Honor God (Moses and Zipporah) 

But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin, and touched Moses’ feet with it. “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,” she said.

Exodus 4:25

READ Exodus 4:24-26.

She was a preacher’s daughter; he was a fugitive. She came to the well to work; he came to rest. Little else is told of this couple - no love at first sight stories. No initial glances or stolen kisses are recorded in the sacred scripture, but we do know that this couple was destined to do great things for God. 

The call of God on Moses' life was evident by his miraculous delivery. The way his mother was paid to raise her own son. The miraculous deliverance by which he was rescued from the crocodile-filled Nile and how he was able to find refuge in the hills of Midian, surrounded by his father’s relatives. Yet, with all this providence, there was one thing God couldn’t do for him. There was one thing that no bush could secure, or no celestial being could intervene. He needed help, but God worked through Moses’ wife to achieve it. 

The stuttering former outlaw was on the move. With his older brother’s help, they were going to march into Pharaoh’s palace and demand freedom. However, Moses forgot one crucial thing. He neglected to circumcise his son. It was a ritual act that reminded the people of God that they were different, separate, set aside, and called out. It was a painful process, but one that was done for every male child when he was eight days old. Moses no doubt understood the process, but for whatever reason, neglected to perform the ceremonial act. 

Was it not done because he was afraid? Was it omitted because he thought his family was exempt because they were in a foreign land? The Bible does not give us the answer to those questions, but Zipporah’s response is the catalyst that completely repositions Moses for greatness. With a knife and a passion for God’s presence and blessing, she circumcised her son. Just like that - the story of the greatest leader of all time is paused to show the importance of a godly spouse. Her insistence ensured the salvation of literally millions. 

Thought Questions

  • Have you ever hesitated to do something you know God was calling you to do because of fear?  How has your spouse helped to push you beyond your fear?
  • What does it mean to serve God fully? What are some little things that are important to you because God has asked you to do them? 
  • Talk with your spouse about your commitment to tithing/charitable giving, health, and lifestyle decisions. Be specific about areas where you can grow together.

Life Lessons

  • The Bible is full of stories where God asks us to do little, seemingly insignificant things. Whether you understand or not, be obedient. Sometimes, obedience is necessary simply because God knows best. 
  • Throughout the Bible and history, from the story of Adam and Eve until today, we learn that God provides marriage as a way for us to “help” one another. Be intentional about your commitment to help instead of hurt your spouse - help him or her to get to heaven!

Supporting Text

Read Genesis 2:18. How can a spouse “help” their partner? Write a list of specific ways that you can help your spouse starting today.