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Find your purpose and live the life God died to give you.  

Younique Journey

Your life calling is both knowable and nameable. The Clarity Life Plan is designed to help you discover how your story, passions and talents come together to equip you to live one beautiful, extraordinary life. This plan will give you the courage and confidence to face life's challenges that lie ahead. It will serve as a personal road map giving you direction. 

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For the City

Join the movement to get in the corner of FOUR people you know who feel like life, God, or even the Church is against them. By being in their corner you will actively speak life, provide direction, and pray for the spiritual life and growth of these FOUR people.

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All In

ALL-In is a God-sized vision to transform our community. ALL-IN is an all-out effort to leverage your time, energy, and resources to make an even deeper impact than you ever made before. It’s an opportunity to reach more people; impact more lives and do more for His Kingdom. ALL-IN is for those who recognize that their life is better when they serve others.

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