Get Involved

We seek to collaborate with organizations that are already doing great work in our community, so that we can seize opportunities of active change to demonstrate the love of God to those in our radius.


We want to make service a rhythm in our life, that we would be agents of change in our community, and that we would bring the hope of God’s justice to the marginalized.


Why care about Outreach?


American Family Housing

"The Relove Church community have been long standing supporters of American Family Housing and the work we do with the community at large. From helping with our children's program, to leading a helping hand with housing projects and volunteering at our annual holiday events, Relove has stepped up to support us in various capacities. American Family Housing is proud to be able to partner with Relove Church. On behalf of the community of individuals we serve, we thank you for standing by us as we fulfill our non-profit mission!" 

Why care about Outreach? pt. 2