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Day 4

Wednesday, January 5


Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law is happy.  Proverbs 29:18 


After reading about the challenges Joseph faced I think I might have given up right in the pit, but here we see the power of a God-dream that has taken hold of a life that believes in the one who gave him the dream. Often we don't recognize that God is all the while stirring our hearts with his desires. The Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Philippians that when our dream comes from God, he will empower us to see it through. Joseph's life continued to take many twists and turns as he lived in Egypt and the only thing he had in his possession was the God-dream. Joseph goes from the pit to the palace; he landed a job at the home of one of the high ranking officials to Pharaoh. It finally seemed like this dream was about to come to pass but the saga continued in Joseph's life. Potiphar's wife had her eye on Joseph, and she wanted him as her prize, you see, when you are focused on accomplishing the will of God there will always be temptations presented to you to take you off track. Even Jesus faced temptations while fulfilling His God-dream in the wilderness but his resolve to do the will of the father was more important than gaining the world. A believer with a God-dream can always say, "NO" to the world system. Joseph probably could have gotten to a higher position faster had he taken the opportunity to sleep with his master's wife. But, his knowledge, fear, and love for the God who gave him the dream were greater than the opportunity to satisfy his flesh and so his decision to say no lands him in prison. Joseph is now faced with the reality again that the dream God gave him may never come through yet the story tells us that even in prison he found favor with the prison warden. Joseph's passion for life and his dream practically made his environment come alive, and he seemed to be the wealthiest individual in the world even without money. Even in prison, God orchestrated a way for Joseph to see his dream become a reality. I believe because Joseph never let his circumstances, obstacles and disappointments kill his confidence in God; he would soon stand before the most powerful man of his time (Pharaoh) and be able to shine.


Consider a certain God dream of yours. Write down a few reasons why you are confident that dream is from God. 


How can you protect yourself against your tendency to worship the dream over the Giver of your dream?


Lord, as much as I want the dream you have given me, I want you even more. Teach me how to find my daily fulfillment in your presence. Amen.


Dare to Dream Again by Unknown